The First Family Lights the National Christmas Tree


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m4EED3 Thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

Posted at 11:28AM on August 5th 2014 by crorkz

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39eIjO I think this is a real great blog. Great.

Posted at 5:33AM on July 18th 2014 by crorkservice

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The hands on is so important, partlculairy when we get to push hands because I intuitively believe it's at that time, when the teacher really touches the student and enters into the circle with him, that there is an actual transmission of knowledge. I'm speaking on a mystical plane here, because it might just be that we learn when we are pushed and pulled by a master and we in turn learn how to move. Or there could actually be a transmission of knowledge mystically, energetically. Without explanation, I think it definitely happens.

Posted at 7:15PM on April 8th 2014 by Andrey

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9a66gt Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

Posted at 7:40AM on October 26th 2013 by smashing top seo

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Thanks for tkaing the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate

Posted at 11:00PM on November 24th 2012 by Buckie

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agree with you there are some problems with the qi at spiiefcc points of the body paradigm. This is something I noticed right away when doing my chen versus my yang. I never quite got the connected expansive feelings in chen that I got from yang. Now, instead of focusing on spiiefcc parts of the body, I just try to focus on my body as a whole and projecting outside the physical barriers of my body.@Faik:You bring up a great point about not thinking while driving as it's subconscious. But what performing taiji movements? Are they at the point of subconscious action? I must admit, for myself, they are not. I still have a long way to go before I can consider the movements fully integrated in my mind and become second nature.Perhaps my issue lies in trying to simultaneously resolved 2 different methods, chen & yang. For a while now, I've only been practicing yang and I can already tell a difference. Perhaps soon the integration and no mind' aspects will take shape.Good points all

Posted at 7:06AM on November 23rd 2012 by Elif

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Hi Shang. The last time I trained with Master Chen was at the .As far as gettnig hands on, the answer is a definite YES! In fact, our group was composed of more brawler type guys so things were a bit rowdier with him telling us to try and get him anyway we want. Let's just say I came home with some bruises and a new found respect for taiji as a martial art.It's my understanding that Master Chen is like this at ALL of his workshops and gatherings. He really wants students to learn and is willing to let students feel the answer and his movements. In effect, he is removing the veil on a lot of taiji techniques. There were even times when Master Chen had me touch certain parts of his back/neck so I could feel the stretching as he did the movement on someone else.

Posted at 4:28AM on November 23rd 2012 by Ilda

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Aw, this was a really good qualtiy post. In theory I'd just like to write just like this too taking time and real effort to make a very good article but what can I say I procrastinate alot and under no circumstances seem to get something done.

Posted at 11:30PM on October 18th 2012 by Manuel

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You know what, I'm very much icnlnied to agree.

Posted at 9:41AM on January 9th 2012 by Lola

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